"Cob-Tail" Hackney Pony Mare

Presenting VICTORY PASS - a "Cob-Tail" Hackney Pony Mare.   Often called "The Peacock of the Show Ring", this dynamic high stepper must stand 50" and up to 56" tall.   (Over 56" it is considered a *horse*, not a pony.)

Cob-Tail Hackney Ponies shown with a braided mane (or shaved with glued on yarn braids - always tied with red yarn), and a set/docked tail (or the appearance of a docked tail - which means that they use a “cap” (or wig) that is attached at the top of the tail and then cut the hair off even with the end of the tailbone).    Long hooves with pads and shoes on all fours.   cHackney ponies may be black, bay (which includes brown), or chestnut.    Bay is by far the most common color, but black is also relatively common.    Chestnuts, on the other hand, are extremely rare; their color is usually particularly light, and chestnut ponies often possess flaxen manes and tails.    Sabino and Rabicano markings also occur within the breed.

These ponies are shown to a 4-wheeled Viceroy and a fine harness side check bridle with round blinkers and a Liverpool bit.    "On the half-cheek" which means: "that the reins should be around the post or through the top slot, provided the top slot is 3/4 of the way inside the ring.    Driver should have an apron, gloves and whip.    Shown at a Park Trot and "Show your Pony" which designates the speed which shows the pony to it's best advantage.    Must appear to have perfect mouths, stand quietly and back easily.    Open to all sexes.

VICTORY PASS is produced by Bluegrass Resin Casting and is hollow cast with steel reinforced legs and comes with a base.   Traditional scale, she measures 8-1/4" tall (including base) by 8-1/2" long.
Priced at $299.00 Postage Paid within the Continental U.S.    Payment by PayPal - for your convenience, please use the ordering buttons below.

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