Gypsy Cob Stallion

Named after the Biblical character who believed his great strength came from his long hair, I thought SAMPSON was a fitting name for this strong, gentle long-haired Stallion.    Creating him was a wonderful exercise in flow, movement and texture in his luxurious mane, tail and feathers.    It's very difficult to sculpt "floof", but I'm happy with my translation into sculpture.    SAMPSON has the correct body type and carriage of the Gypsy Cob and the gentle, willing expression that make this breed so beloved around the world.

Gypsy Cobs originated in the UK and Ireland and are larger than a pony but smaller than a horse.    (I believe they have to be 13 - 15hh.)    And they are all "roundy" and full of "Pony Character" while being strong enough for an adult to ride.    They have heavy bone and look a bit "Drafty".    A lot of presence in a small package!    They are used and shown both under saddle and in harness.

As for colors, Gypsy Cobs are often are pinto patterned.    And I’m sure he’s going to look great in any color that you choose for him.

SAMPSON will be produced by Bluegrass Resin Casting and will be hollow-cast, with steel reinforcement rods in the supporting legs.    He measures about 8" x 10-1/2" x 3", which makes him a large Traditional scale (for this breed).    SAMPSON is priced at $325.00 ppd. each, and will ship to you directly from MVCS.    (Castings should start shipping at the end of June/beginning of July.)    Available to customers in the United Staes ONLY.    Payment accepted by Pay Pal - (Goods and Services).

Thanks for looking and THANK YOU all so very much for supporting my Art and allowing me to do what I love.    I’m looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful paintwork that is put on him.

Photos of the finished Master

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