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Add some excitement to your collection or show string with ROADMASTER!    "Roady" is a Traditional scale Hackney Roadster Pony.    This very popular and speedy Hackney measures below 13 hands and shows at three seperate trotting speeds: the jog-trot, road gait and then "at speed".    When they "turn it on", the crowds really get excited and cheer for their favorites!    The sulkies often send a shower of footing as they skid sideways at the turns.    It's one of the most exciting classes you will ever see at a horse show!   They are also shown under saddle by Junior Exhibitors wearing racing silks.

Hackney ponies may be black, bay (which includes brown), or chestnut.    Bay is by far the most common color, but black is also relatively common.    Chestnuts, on the other hand, are more rare; their color is usually particularly light, and chestnut ponies often possess flaxen manes and tails.    Sabino and Rabicano markings also occur within the breed.    They are shown with a full mane with colored braids and natural tail.    Long front hooves with pads and shoes and plain shoes behind.

Roadster Ponies are also found within the American Show Pony Association (Usually Hackney/Shetland crossbreds).    They do not have to be of any pure breeding to be able to compete at open shows.    So they can be about any color, though I have never seen an Appaloosa.

ROADMASTER is produced by Bluegrass Resin Casting and is hollow cast with steel reinforced legs and tail. Traditional scale, he measures 8-1/2" tall by 11-3/4" long.    (Measured from back of base to extended knee of front leg.)

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