1950's - 1960'S Era Photographer's Pony

This is BUDDY, a 1950's - 1960's era "Photographers' Pony".    During the 1950’s and 1960’s, many American children who lived in the cities and suburbs had their pictures taken on colorful ponies that were brought into their neighborhoods by enterprising Photographers who made their living capturing that very special moment.   These Photographers would walk the streets carrying their cameras and leading a colorful pony decked out in fancy western gear - many times with a little bell hanging on the breast collar to attract extra attention.    Those were the days when T.V. Westerns were the most popular shows and heroes like The LoneRanger, Matt Dillon, Wyatt Earp, Roy Rogers, The Cisco Kid,Zorro and many others were what every kid wanted to be!    And many little girls dreamed of having a beautiful pony of their own.    Many family photo albums have one or more of these cherished heirlooms of relatives posed on a pony contained within their pages.

BUDDY is a representation of one of these wonderful ponies!    To be a good Photographer’s Pony, it took a patient, sweet tempered pony that could tolerate adoring, climbing and sometimes screaming kids around and on top of them and stand perfectly still.    A spotted or Palomino pony was a favorite choice, but all colors of pony were used.    Usually of mixed breeding, but of Shetland type, they often had an upright mane and long tail.

BUDDY also makes a wonderful driving pony!

BUDDY is produced by Bluegrass Resin Casting and is hollow cast with steel reinforced legs and tail. Traditional scale, he measures 7" tall by 8-3/8" long.
Priced at $225.00.00 Postage Paid within the Continental U.S.    Outside of this area will be an additional $20.00.    Payment by PayPal - or your convenience, please use the ordering buttons below.

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