The Dancing Filly

This little darling is titled "Spring Fling".    Sculpted in 2003, she is a non breed specific filly of about 2 months of age who is enjoying life and dancing for joy!    She is adorable in any color or pattern you would like to create.    She's sure to bring a smile to all who see her!

SPRING FLING is produced by Bluegrass Resin Casting and is hollow cast with steel reinforced legs and tail. She is Traditional Pony Foal or Classic Horse scale scale, she measures 7" tall (with slight variations depending on the angle she is attached to her base), by 6" wide.

Priced at $125.00 Postage Paid within the Continental U.S.    Payment by PayPal - for your convenience, please use the ordering buttons below.

Unpainted castings will ship to customers directly from MVS in the order they are received.    Customers should have delivery within 3 weeks

Photos of the finished Master

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