Saddle Bronc Gelding

"Delivering Cowboys to the dirt in less than 8 seconds!"

I've been itching to do a really COOL Bronc for quite awhile.    Something that I haven't seen done before...something REALLY exciting.    I ran across a really wild, old photo and the next thing I knew, this kind of "flew" out of my hands!

Presenting AIRMAIL, a wild & woolly 100% SADDLE BRONC!    He's definitely no Mustang or your average saddle horse bucking.    He's a big 'ol Grade horse that has some solid Clydesdale in there.

Bred to BUCK and buck HARD, Airmail is no show horse!    From his coarse head to his bushy mane and tail, to his gnarly chestnuts, all the way down to his cracked, craggy hooves, Airmail is the very definition of "ROUGHstock"!

Given that he's got some Clydesdale genetics, I'm already imagining him in some wild Sabino and Pinto patterns!    Literally, the sky's the limit on colors and patterns for this guy.    He's going to be a blast to paint!

Because he's so "bent and twisty", this guy is VERY hard to photograph and get him to look right.    So here is a video of him:


AIRMAIL will be produced by Resins By Randy and will be hollow-cast, with steel reinforcement rods in the supporting legs and tail.    He measures about 12" (on his base) x 13-3/4" long, Traditional scale.    His base measures about 11-3/4" long x 5" wide x 1" thick.    And he is mounted on a 5-1/2" x 1/2" clear acrylic rod.    AIRMAIL is priced at $380.00 each post paid within the U.S., and will ship to you directly from RBR.    (Castings should start shipping in February 2023.)    Available to customers in the United States ONLY.    Payment accepted by Pay Pal - (Goods and Services).

To those who would like to buy a copy of AIRMAIL (unpainted), on time payments...
Just send me $100.00 down and pay it off in 90 days.    You can pay by personal check, money order or send it to my PayPal at:    (Personal checks must clear my bank before I can ship.)

Thanks for looking and THANK YOU all so very much for supporting my Art and allowing me to do what I love.    I'm looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful paintwork that is put on him.

Photos of the finished Master

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