This is my Traditional Cob-Tail Hackney Pony Mare resin, Victory Pass.    She is hand-painted in Oils in a STUNNING Chestnut and is finished as she would be seen in the show ring.    Her ear tips, nostril edges and corners of her mouth have a protective coating of clear nail polish and she is finished and sealed with multiple coats of Krylon Matte Spray for an extra-tough, durable finish that will stand up to many tack changes.    She is permanently attached to her base.
New and unshown, this fancy beauty is ready to strut her stuff in the show ring!

Priced at $705.55 PIF.    TIME PAYMENTS are available (with signed contract).    $193.90 down with 5 monthly payments of $116.33 per month.    SHIPPING is exact cost + $6.00 and is is calculated after the model is paid for.    This will be billed in a separate payment.

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