Money Latch

This is the Traditional scale Artist Resin titled “Scholorship”.    I painted him using oils and acrylics in Chestnut after a Quarter Horse horse I had for many years.    He has clear nail polish on his ear tips and corners of the mouth as well as metal shoes.    And he is sealed with multiple coats of Krylon Matte Spray for extra duraability.   This boy is LSQ all the way and should show well in halter and performance.    He definitely deserves to be out in the world showing and winning for someone!

Priced at $840.00. PIF.    Shipping/Insurance is actual cost + $6.00 and is figured after the model is paid for.    TIME PAYMENTS are available (with signed contract).    $231.00 down with 5 monthly payments of $138.60 per month.

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