Flint's Gold Standard

This is my Traditional artist resin Stock Horse Gelding, Flint.   He has been prepped to perfection and hand-painted in an ideal palomino in durable, glowing oils.    He has nail polish under his finish on his eartips, corners of the mouth, nostril edges and tail tip and is finished and sealed with several coats of Krylon Matte Spray for an extra-tough, durable finish that will stand up to many tack changes.

PROVEN LSQ!    He is a member of the Beau Cheveaux Creations Hall Of Fame - page 31.    This piece should show equally well in Halter and Performance classes.   

***NOTE This guy is a little "tippy".    I will be happy to put him on a base for added stability for an additional $50.00 at the buyer's request.***

Priced at $808.00 PIF.    Postage/Insurance is actual cost + $6.00 and is figured after piece is packaged for shipment and billed separately.

TIME PAYMENTS (with signed contract) $202.00 down with 5 monthly payments of $121.20.

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