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#CN001 "Western Classic" - Owned by Chris Nandell

Completed June 27, 2008
This is the first saddle I have tooled in 24 years and the first Rio Rondo kit I have assembled as well. I also made the matching bridle.

#CN002 "Touch of Class" - Owned by Chris Nandell

Completed July 5, 2008
This is just a "plain-Jane" type working saddle with no silver frills. Features a different welt to cover the seam on the pommel and a narrower cantle.

#CN003 "Western Classic" (with border) - Owned by Chris Nandell

Completed July 20, 2008
I always wanted to have a natural colored saddle set! When leather is carved, the leather gets "burnished" from the various textured tools used that I find very appealing. The carving on this one turned out so beautifully, I wanted to leave it "au natural" to show it off.

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