Pregnant Pause

Traditional-sized Grade (Pregnant) Pony Mare.

You can just picture this little mare out in a pasture somewhere dozing under a tree, dreaming of her soon-to-be-born foal. She stands with her eyes closed, lower lip drooping just a little, ears out to the sides in a neutral position and resting one hind leg. She has the "feathery" lower legs and has the "natural" look of a broodmare out in pasture, including shaggy hair under her jaws, up the backs of her forelegs (to her elbows) and inside of her ears .

We've ALL either HAD this mare or SEEN this mare at some time in our lives! And this sculpture captures all of the charm of those beloved pets. This piece will appeal to ANYONE who has a soft place in their hearts for those very much loved (though usually not conformationally perfect) "first ponies" or "broodmares" in general that are SO MUCH a part of *every* horse lover's fondest memories and daily lives.

Painted Examples
These pieces are shown as examples only, they are not available for sale

Back Tovero
Bay Appaloosa
Palomino Pinto
Seal Bay Pinto
Bay Pinto
Bay Pinto
Black Pinto

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