It was dark inside the Coliseum as the anxious crowd waited with anticipation for him to enter the ring. Suddenly the spotlight shone on the end gate and the entire crowd drew their breath as the mighty stallion made his entrance. Seemingly light as a feather, he appeared to float effortlessly across the arena - a true vision of beauty and power!

This was the scenario one night in April of 1998 in the Coliseum at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds as the great stallion "Jorrit" (owned by Proud Meadows Farm in Cedar Hill, TX) entered the arena. Highly trained in dressage and driving, Jorrit and his human partner provided an awesome demonstration of dressage and driven dressage, along with two of his stablemates.

This sculpture portrays that magical moment when Jorrit first entered the arena - one ear flicked back - attentive to his rider as she guided him flawlessly with invisible cues.

"It's a memory that still gives me goosebumps!"

From the tips of his fine pricked ears, flowing down across his body to the tip of his lavish, full tail, this traditional-sized Friesian is well suited to be shown under saddle in dressage as well as in harness for carriage classes or driven dressage. GORGEOUS in black as an accurate portrayal of the Frisian Horse with blue-black highlights like a Ravens' wing. This piece is also FANTASTIC as a Spotted Carriage, Drum or Gypsy horse!!!

This piece is limited to one mold run (50 - 60 pieces) only, and is available either unpainted or painted by the artist in "Artists' Choice" colors. Unpainted copies are $200.00 ppd. - Priority Mail (within the Continental US). Produced by Randy Buckler, this piece features steel reinforced legs. (Note: Basswood base added for extra stability in the show ring. Available upon request for an additional $25.00 - unfinished.)

Painted Examples
These pieces are shown as examples only, they are not available for sale

Shaded Black

Dappled Palomino

Black Tobiano Pinto

Dappled Buckskin

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