"Now THIS is a Show Pony!"

 This exciting sculpture represents a yearling or early 2-year old Hackney Pony as it would be shown "in-hand". (What show pony people call "halter" class.)

ACCLAIM TO FAME is "Traditional" scale, the piece measures: @ 8-1/4" tall, @7-3/4" long and @2-3/16" wide (including the base). Special features include: textured base, all legs are reinforced with steel rods, correct shoes and pads - including trailers on the hind shoes! I have also sculpted the sawdust shooting up in front of the supporting hooves for added drama and motion.

In addition to being a fine example of a Yearling or early two-year old Hackney Pony, this piece will work equally as well as a Modern Shetland or American Show Pony (1/2 Hackney - 1/2 Shetland). You will be able to paint it in almost any color that you like and be assured that it will be accurate depending on the breed you choose to show it as. And if customized with a full-length tail, this piece would make a wonderful Modern Shetland Pony too.

This piece is available both painted and unpainted and is limited to one mold run (50 - 60 pieces). The price on this piece (unpainted) is $185.00 ppd. - Priority Mail. Painted pieces will be avilable from time-to-time on an Artists' Choice basis, and will start at around $450.00. (Be sure to check the "Models For Sale" section of this web site for finished pieces.)

Painted Examples
These pieces are shown as examples only, they are not available for sale

Shaded Bay

Seal Bay Tobiano Pinto


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