Here's a simple CM of the (old) Breyer Lady Phase mold.    (When they had more detail and better front legs!)    I have removed all seams and the logo, changed her to a Gelding and leveled the hooves so he stands perfectly.    Then he was painted a chestnut tobiano pinto with mapping.    His ear tips, nostril edges and corners of his mouth have a protective coating of clear nail polish and he is finished and sealed with several coats of Krylon Matte Spray for an extra-tough, durable finish that will stand up to live showing.

A great addition to your simple CM herd!    New and unshown, definite LSQ, he is ready to win for his lucky new owner!
$320.00 ppd.

Within the Continental U.S. - USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.
TIME PAYMENTS (with signed Contract): $88.00 Down, $52.80 per month for 5 Months.

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