WOW! Check out this INCREDIBLE Akhal-Teke Mare!!!

Painted in a beautiful Buckskin with that incredible GOLD SHEEN that this remarkable breed is so well known for.    Hand painted in glowing OILS, and sealed in multiple layers of acrylic lacquer.    These pictures just don't do her justice!

This Oversized Traditional resin is called "Gizma" and was sculpted by Katya Elp.    She is hollow cast with steel reinforcements in the legs and tail.    (I have not seen very many of these.)    She is permanently attached to a narrow 1/4" plywood base for added stability. .   Just finished 5/31/20 - she is brand new and unshown.    DEFINITELY LSQ - this stunning BIG mare will get noticed in the show ring!


Postage/Insurance is actual cost + $5.00 and is figured after piece is packaged for shipment and billed separately.
TIME PAYMENTS (with signed Contract): $269.10 Down, $161.45 per month for 5 Months.   OR 1/2 down,balance due in 30 days.

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